Julian Winborne

Indiana State University senior Julian Winborn, a columnist for the Indiana Statesman, has won first prize for his contest entry submitted to Press the President, an online collaborative blog.

The goal of the contest was to promote political journalism among university students on newsworthy topics.

Those who entered competed for the first prize of $500, second prize of $250 and third prize of $125.

Winborn’s entry “A Step Towards Bank Accountability” discussed an issue he cares about that allowed him to showcase his writing abilities.

“I heard about Press the President and the contest from my boss at The Statesman, Rachel McClelland,” Winborn said. “As a political columnist, I was immediately interested in writing for a political blog and figured that I would just go ahead and submit something for the contest. But I seriously was not expecting to actually win anything!”

Scott Sobel, a judge for the contest, deliberated through a number of competitive entries to find the winners.

“All of the entries were outstanding and showed a considerable amount of research and thoughtfulness,” Sobel said. However, Winborn’s entry “also exhibited creativity, thoroughness and an efficient writing style that really drove home the writer’s points.”

Press the President is a worldwide forum for unfiltered debate about U.S. issues that affect the globe. The site’s founders have created a space where writers can express their opinions freely and are interested in finding people who want to make their voices heard from the White House to Main Street.