Sycamore Karaoke has come to a close for the year. The karaoke events have been put on by the Student Union Board and the Sycamore Karaoke Committee. The last event took place April 24 at 7 p.m. in the Hulman Center. The past event had around 15 to 20 performances of a variety of different music genres.

A raffle was put together for all of the singing participants. Every time they performed, they were given a ticket to put into the raffle as a chance to win prizes. The prizes included a Polaroid camera, a Bluetooth microphone and a JBL speaker.

“I had a lot of fun tonight. It’s like a college dream. I love it because my family used to have a karaoke night once a week. It reminds me so much of home,” said student Secoya Williams.

Williams helped to host the event and said that she always tries to get involved with the Student Union Board. She also performed several times throughout the event. Two active members of campus were working the front table of the karaoke session. Assistant Director of Campus Life, Shantice Bradley, and Mikala Poe, Graduate Assistant to the Union Board, helped to make the event run smoothly.

“Karaoke was good, we had about 50 students in total show up, which was a little less than usual, but it was good because it gave everyone a chance to get up and sing multiple times. I also personally believe that our students really enjoyed this one and we went out with a bang! The students always put a smile on my face and I get to see them grow and develop professionally and personally throughout the school year,” said Poe.

The Union Board was also signing students up for their last event of the school year. Free tickets were given to students to go and watch the new Avengers movie. The tickets were given out both at the karaoke event as well as being tabled for the past week. The Union Board puts on many events throughout the school year to get students to come out and consider being a part of the team.

“I have an amazing team to work with and we have a strong family dynamic. Union board as a whole just has a positive and family feeling that welcomes anyone and everyone with open arms,” said Poe.