Tik Tok is a new sensation that many people have gotten hooked on and this goes for Griffin Johnson as well. Johnson is a sophomore here at ISU in the nursing program. He is active in his fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon and serves as Vice President of Recruitment.

 While doing all this at school, he also manages his multiple social media accounts, including his Tik Tok account. Tik Tok is a media platform that allows people to share short videos with music and acting. It has become very popular among young people in the last couple months. 

“Social media has changed my life not only with the friends I have made, but the ability to affect and change my fans’ days and lives,”Johnson said. “I love social media for the opportunities and people I have been able to meet. I am currently about to start my tour this weekend in Orlando, Florida. I am also moving to LA for the summer.” 

Tik Tok has opened up opportunities for Johnson and he is excited to see where it will take him. Many people spend multiple hours a day on applications on a phone. Videos on Tik Tok can circulate through different apps such as Snapchat and Instagram through ads and fanpages. Fame can come from one video or one hundred, but it all depends on the platform and the content displayed.

“The best way to stay humble is to interact with your friends and to keep media out of day to day life,” Johnson said. “I personally try to disconnect my social media from my real life friends and plug into media on my own time. This helps me keep a feeling of being normal on a daily basis.” 

Keeping friends and school a priority when managing social media can be hard, but Johnson reassures people that it is a daily journey. Staying close with friends and working hard in school are very valuable to him.

Social media is a good way to stay connected and share ideas as well. Johnson says he gets his ideas during class and he lets his mind wander farther to gain more ideas. He just started using social media heavily his senior year but began getting serious for his New Year’s resolution. 

“Honestly, I am taking it day by day. I started this journey in January and have stumbled in the right areas to get me over 100 thousand followers in two months,” Johnson said. “I never expected to be here, but I have embraced the journey and I am ready for what is to come.”