ISU seniors Chelsea Chapman and Taylor Abbott met in fourth grade in Mile Club.  

Taylor came up to Chelsea and said “hey guess what, I like sassafras you like sassafras we like sassafras trees.” Chelsea had no idea what Taylor was talking about since she couldn’t watch Nickelodeon so the two went their own ways. 

The two would reunite in seventh grade during color guard. They became best friends junior year in high school. A few years later, the girls would both apply and begin to attend ISU.

They wanted to room together sophomore year but Chelsea wanted to live off campus. Then junior year, Chelsea traveled abroad to England. In their final year together, the two would finally become roommates… and they were roommates. 

Q: What have you learned while at ISU?

“I’ve learned how to become a better educator and community member,” said Abbott.

“I have learned who I am during my time at ISU,” said Chapman.

Q: What will you miss most about ISU?

“I will miss the opportunities ISU has provided me. I have been in so many great practicums meeting wonderful teachers and students in the community. There’s so many things I can take away from all of these opportunities in my future endeavors,” said Abbott. 

“The thing I will miss most is the sense of community I feel on campus,” said Chapman.

Q: What advice do you have for current juniors?

“My advice for juniors would be to start applying for internships and make your time at State count,” said Abbott. 

“My advice for current juniors is that it is never too early to start looking at job descriptions and companies you might want to work with,” Chapman said. 

 Q: What advice do you have for anyone at ISU?

“My advice for anyone still at ISU is to take advantage of all of the offices at ISU, especially the Career Center,” said Abbott.

“My advice for those still at ISU is to start networking as soon as you can. Attend all of the job fairs. Find an organization for the students in your major and participate. Never turn down an opportunity. Blue is full of opportunities,” said Chapman.

Q: What plans do you have after graduation?  

“My plan after graduation is to be an elementary teacher in Columbus, IN,” said Abbott.

“After graduation I will be going back to my family at the Apple Works full time,” said Chapman.

Q: What will your cap look like for graduation?

“My cap has my students’ signatures from my recent internship,” said Abbott.

“I decorated my cap with Anfisa, the “cat no like banana” cat and lots of birds because I love birds,” said Chapman.