The Sycamore Video Expo showcased 17 student films on campus Tuesday, April 23. This was the 18thyear that the expo has been put on, and there are many more to come. Students interested in film or making movies were able to enter their pieces with a submission form. 

There were a few different categories of film which consisted of: long form film (which was 5-12 minutes), video was 2-5 minutes, there was an unjudged category, movie trailer/music interpretation/PSA and a video short was under two minutes. 

Students competed against others within their category and winners were awarded ‘Woody awards’ resembling an Oscar, a movie and a popcorn carton filled with candy. As students won, they went up and delivered an acceptance speech for their awards and thanked the crowd. 

Winners include the following: Matthew Lester with “2019 State Dance Marathon,”

Erin Mckeeman, Katie Higginbotham, Tessa Shepard and Kyle Vlcek with “The Demming Witch Project,” Katie Higginbotham with “The Darkest Night,” and Paige Kimbrew with “Star Prisoner.” 

The audience showed their appreciation for the creativity of the students with laughter and applause, which filled the room. 

“This is my second year of doing Sycamore Video and the expo,” Katie Higginbotham, an Assistant Production Manager with Sycamore Video said. “I think Mr. Perkins started it for the students who weren’t interested in just news, but also in film. It’s like our school’s film festival or mini Oscars!” 

Audience members were offered refreshments such as water and lemonade and there was also a popcorn machine. Students ate their snacks during the films like they would in a movie theater. The films were introduced by senior members and officers of Sycamore Video.                        “It took a lot of time and patience. I’m definitely excited to do more of these videos in the future, and enter them into the expo,” Nayeli Castro, a Volunteer with Sycamore Video said. “Hopefully, I can get my name on even more videos next year!” 

It’s never too late to start working on films for next year, and Sycamore Video is excited to see what students come up with next year.