Thanksgiving break_Dr Malynnda Johnson.jpg

With only a couple weeks to go before finals, Thanksgiving break gave many Sycamores the break they so desperately needed. Some traveled, some ate a lot of food, and some had a hard time leaving schoolwork in their backpacks. 

Dr. Malynnda Johnson and Dr. Shana Kopaczewski of the communication department traveled to Zagreb, Croatia; Salzburg, Austria; and Munich, Germany. They started their trip in Croatia to represent ISU at the seventh international Future of Information Sciences (INFuture) conference. 

“I have seen, drank, eaten and learned so much about the land I finally get to say I come from. Still in shock that I not only found out where my heritage is but that in the same year I also got to see it in person. Germany, you have my heart!” Johnson wrote on Facebook.

Many say they would love to travel, but Johnson’s passion for learning is her driving force when she travels.

“If I could afford to I would travel every break! Traveling provides so many opportunities for learning about people and culture, eating amazing food, and seeing the most incredible sights,” said Johnson.

While Johnson and Kopaczewski were having gluhwein, spetzle, and other foods native to the countries they visited, students enjoyed home-cooked Thanksgiving feasts and trying new foods.

“I tried Wienerschnitzel for the first time in Champaign, Illinois. I successfully ate a chili cheese dog, chili cheeseburger, and cheese fries in ‘Man Eats Food’ record timing and no, my stomach did not curdle from all the dairy,” said junior Elizabeth Higgins. 

Higgins felt as if it were man versus food as she tried all the cheesy food. Others had a different battle during break: man versus homework.

Aside from visiting family in Elkhart for Thanksgiving, having a movie night with her brothers, and having dinner with her friend from high school, senior Caitlin Wilkins spent her week working and studying for finals. 

“I only go home a few times a year so I feel guilty when I do homework instead of spending time with family. At the same time though, I know I have to get work done so study week isn’t as busy,” said Wilkins. 

Wilkins was not the only one doing work over break. Besides family photos, senior Alyssa Albright didn’t have the most exciting break.

“I don’t have a life. All I did over break was get a surgery and did some homework. It was very enjoyable as you can imagine,” said Albright. 

Since break wasn’t completely a break for everyone, it makes sense that when asked how break was, many respond by saying “not long enough.” Many wish to skip to the next break already. 

“I’m definitely ready for Christmas break,” said Wilkins.