This past Saturday, the Indiana State University School of Music held its 46th annual Jazz Festival. 

“It is simply a celebration of jazz and those who love to play jazz,” said ISU student Kendall Garno-Foote.

This is annual event is hosted by ISU’s chapter of Phi Mu Alpha. It has a judged jazz competition and a clinic, featuring great artists in the jazz world such as Larry McKenna and James Aebersold.

Middle schools and high schools from all over the state come to this event to help better their jazz skills as individuals and as a whole group. 

“These bands perform and are given clinics based on their performance in the morning,” said Garno-Foote.

Bands would perform in front of three judges to be scored. 

“Students attending are given the opportunity to perform and show the results of their hard work and practice to the audience and judges. While that may be rewarding and fun in itself, the students are also developing performance practices and musicianship,” said ISU student Sean Daugherty. 

Students have been preparing their pieces for months leading up to the event and this was an opportunity for them to show off their hard work and learn from it. 

Although it was a competition, each band was given comments by professionals in a clinic after their performance. 

“My favorite part of the festival was watching the understanding and then excitement register on the students' faces as they learned something new or developed a different perspective during their clinics,” said Daugherty.

Both Garno-Foote and Daughery are members of the Lambda Lambda chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi and were volunteers at the Jazz Festival. They were each assigned to being band guides. They would take bands to their warm-up rooms, clinics and performances. 

“I was in charge of making sure my band was on time and at the right places at the right time and with all of their equipment,” said Garno-Foote.

“Later in the day, special guest artists present clinics and perform to show off their immense talent and skill,” said Garno-Foote. 

Jazz students from all over the state of Indiana had the opportunity to watch some of the greatest jazz artists. 

“At the end of the day, an awards ceremony is held to recognized the amazing bands that performed in the morning,” said Garno-Foote. 

Students were celebrated for their hard work and talent. 

Garno-Foote had an amazing opportunity to show saxophonist Larry McKenna around the ISU School of Music. 

“In that small amount of time that we walked and talked together, I felt lucky to be in the presence of an amazingly talented and well-known jazz saxophone player. Not only was he talented but he was one of the sweetest people I have meet,” said Garno-Foote. 

Events like the jazz festival can inspire musicians for years to come. 

“I love working with young musicians because I see so much of myself in them with the amount of enthusiasm for band they have. I remember how obsessed I was with band back in high school which led me to continue with it in college. So to see the amazing musicianship from these students is truly awesome and being able to see this first hand through their hard work and dedication to performing well,” said Garno-Foote.