Thanksgiving break is just around the corner, and this may be one of the most unique holidays for many students. Many students have already gone home with classes changing to remote. This would normally cause excitement, but this time it will be different.

Many get-togethers and dinner parties are being cancelled. “I'm going home to spend time with family,” said ISU student Taylor Hooton, “One of my Thanksgivings has already been canceled due to Covid, but hopefully my other one will not be either!”

Many dinners will be hosted with just immediate family, making not only the group smaller, but the meals as well. “For me, I am no longer going to my grandparents’ house to celebrate. Instead I am staying home with my family and making a small dinner,” said ISU student Keleigh Chambers. Visiting with grandparents, aunts, uncles and other extended family is increasingly less likely this holiday season.

“We are just doing my immediate family and a few close friends who don’t have anyone to spend the holiday with,” said ISU student Amy Van de Velde. “Normally it is a big thing and my whole family comes but instead we will be distancing to keep them safe and just deliver them food the next day.” Curbside drop-offs of meals for extended family and other susceptible family members may be one of the safest options this holiday.

Plans for break and the holidays have changed dramatically, causing students to celebrate at different times that normal. “We are having thanksgiving a day early due to my brother going away for the holiday,” said Van De Velde.

If you are going to large gathering for Thanksgiving, The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends many precautions. They suggest bringing your own food, plates, and utensils and recommend that a mask is worn at all times when not eating. The CDC also suggests staying out of areas where the food is being prepared, such as the kitchen.

Although this holiday will be unique, safety is of utmost importance. This can also be an opportunity to spend quality time with immediate family members. Stay safe, Sycamores!