On Sept. 17, the Career Center had a closet event that was open for transgender and non-binary students. This closet gave these students the opportunity to find career attire in a fun and safe way. 

This closet was exclusively held for transgender and non-binary students and was scheduled for a set time in the Career Center with the purpose of giving trans students and staff on campus the ability to come and find professional clothing, whether for an academic reasons or professional purposes. 

The purpose of having Transgender Closet Day is to allow students and staff to feel good about themselves and for them to know that they are now provided with a safe and accepting environment free from judgment. Students should feel more comfortable, after this event knowing that the closet was run by trans people and exclusively for trans people. It’s crucial that people in these communities feel safe and comfortable while trying to find clothing.  

The idea for a transgender non-binary closet was brought up originally by someone on campus who saw that there was a need for this kind of resource. Then, they talked to Elonda Ervin, who is the director of Multicultural Services and Programs on campus. It was decided that the students that would be the best fit to run the closet would be students who work with Multicultural Services and Programs (MSP). Ervin then brought the idea to Grayson Purtlebaugh. “I thought it was a great resource to create for the trans community so then we began coordinating with the career center to create the event,” said Purtlebaugh.

The clothing that was provided for the Transgender closet included typical professional wear meant for interviews or business attire to wear to work. Not only did the closet offer typical items such as shirts, pants and suit jackets, but also accessories such as ties and shoes. 

Overall, there was a decent turnout. Grayson Purtlebaugh said “it matters much less to us how many people came but instead the quality of the experience for those who did.”