There are many delicious local restaurants to choose from in Terre Haute. Many top choices among Indiana State students are those that are close to campus because they are easy to access. Downtown Terre Haute has many options, as it continues to expand.  

These include a nutritional shake shop, 5th Street Nutrition, which is owned and operated by an ISU alum, This week a new pizza parlor, Scout’s Pizzeria, will be added to the list. But one of the consistent favorites among these downtown locations is Mexican eatery Taco Tequila’s!  

Taco Tequila’s Mexican Grill and Cantina has been a staple restaurant on Wabash Avenue since it opened in 2016. It is open to satisfy your craving every day at 11 A.M. and closes at 9 P.M. Sunday through Wednesday. Thursday through Saturday they close at 10:30 P.M. The restaurant itself is gorgeous with glowing lights, exposed brick and a full bar.  

Manager Ever Fernandez says, “We are trying to provide a quick and delicious experience with our creative menu choices, specifically in Terre Haute, Indiana.” They did just that with their imaginative and ever-delicious menu items.  

There menu includes many scrumptious eats like crispy fish tacos, chimichangas, Mexican pizza, and the Vallarta fajitas, which is a fajita dish served in a pineapple. They also strive to serve up authentic dishes like pollo ixtapa and carne asada. Another unique menu item featured on their Specials of the House menu is the Quesadilla Campeche - a grilled shrimp and crab quesadilla topped with spinach and cheese sauce.   

“We saw the need of a unique vibe of a Latin America in Terre Haute, Indiana,” says Fernandez. They saw the need for a vibe, and they delivered it! So, head on over to Taco Tequila’s for your Latin food fix and always support local.