To promote breast cancer awareness among students, the Applied Health Science Committee hosted a “bedazzle your bra” event Feb. 24.

Students got the chance to enjoy food and beverages while they decorated their bras and learned breast cancer statistics that the general public may not be aware of.

Makenzi Bacon, one of the organizers of the event and a health services major, sat down to discuss her thoughts about why educating people on public health matters makes a difference.

Bacon seemed excited to talk about the event and happy to describe what was going on.

“We have a few students sitting and decorating their bras so cute. We have items to help decorate like rhinestones, glitter and even little breast cancer bows,” Bacon said. “This bedazzle your bra event is for awareness for breast cancer so you just come in and bedazzle your bra and decorate it. If people don’t have one we also provide them. We also have a few facts and statistics about breast cancer to provide educational awareness.”

When asked to describe the event’s personal meaning Bacon replied, “For me, the promotion of awareness and education is what’s important. Some health topics individuals may not think about or maybe they don’t have the facts right. It’s important to provide that information to the entire student body.”

Bacon stressed that these public health events are important for all students, not just those in the health and science majors. The organization has other events for diabetes and other health risks as well. 

“This is just about trying to help and educate people in a way that’s fun,” said Bacon.