Have you ever wondered if you could put your creativity to use and get paid while doing it? One current, on-campus student will have this opportunity as Indiana State University’s first Tik-Tok expert. Tik-Tok is a fairly new social media app that lets users make creative videos that range anywhere from 8-25 seconds in length.

It was Santhana Naidu, the Associate Vice President of Marketing, who came up with the idea to add this new hire to the Indiana State University staff with the intent of keeping up with the current trends.

“We are always working to be on the cutting-edge of trends in the social media world. We know this app is continuing to rise in popularity with teenagers, and we want to make sure we are reaching them in spaces they already are located to tell the Indiana State story,” said ISU Marketing Specialist, Ashlee Shroyer.

Callouts were held Wednesday, Sept. 25 and Thursday, Sept. 26. 

“We [had] each interviewee bring two school appropriate and creative Tik-Tok videos they created showcas[ing] campus life and the university. They also explain[ed] their video-making process, as well as any additional, future ideas they would have for our Tik-Tok channel. We will also be reviewing their resumes, and asking for on-campus references. All of these factors will be considered to find the best fit for our Tik-Tok representative,” said Shroyer.

Not only is this both a great and entertaining opportunity for current students here at Indiana State, it also serves as a platform to bring more attention to ISU from potential students.

“We have found that prospective students like to hear from their peers, or current students on campus. By hiring a current student to work with us on the platform, we’re able to gain a student perspective and create content that is relevant to the viewer. This will also give prospective students a unique insight into campus life at Indiana State. We very much value our students’ ideas and perspectives, and we’re excited to add another Indiana State student to our creative team!” said Shroyer.