The Spring Week Committee hosted a fun night of free and stress-relieving  events for students with roller skating, a photo booth, mini golf and food in DEDE I and II Thursday, April 11. 

“It was a very fun and new environment that was brought to Indiana State,” said ISU student Maddy Sermersheim. 

“We put in a lot of events this week,” said Kassidy Madison, Spring Week Committee member, “Today we have roller skating, glow in the dark mini golf and a photo booth.”

Events, like this help to create a sense of camaraderie and excitement on campus. 

“I think students should attend because it is a lot of fun. We’re putting it on for the students so they can have fun, experience the campus, and just have something for them to do and so they can celebrate the year coming to an end,” said Madison.  “So this is something to take a load off because a lot of people are pressured or a lot of stuff are going because … we only have four weeks left.”

With finals and study week just a few short weeks away, it is important for students to take time to relax and do fun things on campus. It is great for students to attend events “to be able to take a break from their everyday, busy college lives,” said Sermersheim. “To be able to hang out with friends and meet new people.”

Kassidy Madison found that by being a part of Spring Week Committee and being a member of Union Board, although she mentioned it is very easy to join. The Spring Week Committee is always excited to have new members, and welcomes them with open arms.