The Walt Disney Company upholds a very high standard of treating guests with courtesy when they enter the parks. Did you ever wonder what makes all this happen? How each day at Walt Disney World is flawless? This past week I got to see behind the scenes of Disney’s Hollywood Studios through my training. Of course, I cannot disclose anything I saw, but I can tell you it was very enlightening to see how many people and all the different systems it takes to make magic. 

Working behind the scenes or “backstage,” I had the opportunity to work with many great trainers and other cast members. Being around others who are just as passionate about Disney as I am is an amazing feeling. One of the new friends I’ve made here is a character attendant at Magic Kingdom. 

“I felt as if I was handed a magical wand to create magic for our guests,” said Julia Avey, Disney cast member. 

I could not agree with Avey more. Getting to interact with guests is one of the most rewarding things about working at Walt Disney World. Being on the other side of these interactions is very interesting because you are the one making the magic. Simple things such as pin trading and giving out celebration buttons go a long way at Walt Disney World and make each guest feel like they are special and cared about. 

As cast members, we get to see lots of enchanting moments for our guests; some that we create and some that happen around us. 

“My favorite part of working with the characters is seeing beautiful memories that will last a lifetime,” said Avey. “Like the proposal I recently saw at theBe Our Guestrestaurant.” 

It is truly an honor to witness big moments in people’s lives. People choose Walt Disney World to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and many other things. Every day I work, I am more and more amazed that I get to stay here and help create this magic for the next four months. 

This past week, I was lucky enough to celebrate my own birthday in the most magical place on Earth. I was given a complimentary birthday button by a cast member and everywhere I went, I was told happy birthday. Being on both sides of the amazing thing that is Walt Disney World has been an amazing ride so far, and it has only been two weeks.