A new wonder of Terre Haute has opened on Poplar Street. Allyson and David Henry own and operate the new restaurant, Van-Go. 

Both the name and place hold so much uniqueness. 

David Henry was 16 when he received a 1973 VolksWagen bus as his first car. He always wanted to start a business and first dreamed about traveling in the car and delivering food from it. 

As time went on, the couple realized Terre Haute really didn’t have anything like Van-Go and decided to change this. 

Van-Go is an ice cream parlor that also offers several other dining options. This is the first  distributor in Indiana to sell Hershey brand ice cream. Hershey offers a variety of 250 different flavors and Van-Go keeps an interchangeable 24 flavors in the store. New flavors are always entering the restaurant. 

“Customers can go onto the Hershey website, pick their favorite flavors, and we will bring those flavors into the store for them,” said owner, Henry. 

The place doesn’t stop at just delicious scoops of ice cream. They make “Love Shakes” which is a milkshake mixed with any preferred ice-cream flavor and topped with a cupcake. 

Old-fashioned sandwiches are made ranging from grilled cheese to chicken sandwiches, along with a variety of soups. 

“My best friend and I love to come here on our lunch breaks! Great customer service and amazing sandwiches and shakes,” reads a Facebook review. 

If all of the great options might be overwhelming for you, Henry suggests their old-fashioned sundaes, which are “soda-jerk approved, that is one of my favorite parts about this place.”

With the great food comes even better service, people and atmosphere. The restaurant aims to be a place for everyone and for everyone to enjoy spending time there. 

Gluten free, sugar free and dairy free options are all included so not one person is ever left out. 

Being affordable for everyone is an important factor to the Henrys as well. Seven scoops of ice-cream is under $20, meaning a family or group of seven could all grab a scoop for under $20. 

The Henrys want you to bring the entire family to Van-Go, everyone is welcome. Not only do they want to be a family-friendly place, they also encourage students to enjoy Van-Go. 

Several electrical outlets are placed throughput the space to make it an easy place for students to study. When the studying is over, live music and movies are also shown in the restaurant. 

To be even more connected with the people of Terre Haute, the owners have chosen to not decorate their newly painted walls, they are allowing customers to bring in any type of art and decorations that they feel will be a nice fit for Van-Go. 

They are even looking to have a member of the community paint a mural on one of their walls. With the amazing food, ice cream, atmosphere and customer service, this place is sure to be one of the best attractions in Terre Haute. 

What are you waiting for? Van-GO!