Union Board offered students tickets to see “Avengers: Endgame” and it was a big hit. Students swiped their student IDs at the table where tickets were being sold and had to pick them up by Friday the 26 in HMSU 515. 197 students bought tickets. The Union Board had to go out and get more because of the high demand. They were not able to get students transportation, but it was a big hit through the student body.

“Originally we were going to take students to an escape room in Terre Haute, but while we were doing sign ups we were getting feedback from students that they were going to go to the movie instead,” Courtney Hughes, Union Board Committee Chairman said. “We were quick to notice this trend and decided to switch our event to the movie because it better fit the students’ interests.”

Since “Endgame” came out on Friday, everyone is shielding themselves from social media to avoid the spoilers. Union Board offering this event allowed students to avoid the spoilers and see the movie on time.

“On the first day of sign-ups we had over 130 students sign up in the two hours we had the table,” Hughes said. “We also had quite a few students come up for tickets throughout the week.”

There was not a lot of advertising because the event was so last minute. Union Board’s Programs All Weekend advertised on their Instagram and word spread fast through student interest. Students were excited to get involved with an off-campus event, especially seeing a big movie they have been excited to see.

“It was very successful and the students seemed to like it a lot. We are all about creating and putting on events that the students want to see, so it’s definitely a possibility,” Hughes said. “Union Board has plans to get more interactive with the student body and put on new events that they wish to see. So if they want something like this again, I wouldn’t doubt we would hesitate to do it.”

There is already a demand for a similar event.

“I would definitely attend an event like this again. The fact that it was free was definitely a big bonus, as money for college students is a big struggle, especially towards the end of the semester,” ISU student Michael Marling said.