There’s nothing more adorable than a fuzzy, cuddly little puppy dressed up in human clothes or sleeping in a funny position. Some people in the media have decided to take the cuteness to the next level by making Instagram accounts for their dogs. It has become such a phenomenon that some dogs have over a million followers.

What brings people to making social media accounts for their furry friends? For Theodore Winters, a visual artist who runs the page @schnauzersandvinyl, it was created as a coping mechanism. 

“Recently, I have been having a lot of issues with depression. I ended up getting my miniature schnauzer to help me deal with the ups and downs of art life. I realized what amazing personalities mini schnauzers have and wanted him to have his own page with its own theme. The page tracks his life through his eyes and what he sees with sprinkles of my own personality dashed in,” Winters said. 

Some accounts were started for more casual reasons. Sidrah Din, owner of @sadie_princesspupbegan her page to “share updates about Sadie with friends, family and anyone else who enjoys seeing cute puppy pictures in their feed!”

Of course, there are some serious questions that viewers of these accounts are left wondering about. For instance, how do they manage to get the dogs to look at the camera? Din gives us the inside scoop, informing us that she “gets Sadie to look at the camera by holding up a treat next to it and taking lots of pictures, hoping that at least one out of the billion look good.”

Overall, these accounts are meant for people to look at cute puppies and have a good time! People seem to enjoy them, including Aubree Nasser, a freshman at Indiana State. 

“I personally love dog instas because they are so cute. They make me happy because I am a huge dog lover and I love seeing happy puppies,” Nasser said.

Dog Instagram accounts are a cute, fun trend that people seem to be gravitating to. Seeing a cute puppy in your feed can be a nice little pick me up for the day. No wonder these accounts are so popular: they’re too adorable not to be!