On Tuesday, Sycamore Sessions took the stage at Tilson Auditorium to deliver an upbeat night of talent and fun. There were over a dozen passionate performances from students and groups of students of Indiana State. The crowd welcomed new hosts, DeAera Chatman and Geremy Washington (DJ GWash), since the former hosts, Ra’leshia Davis and Gino Russ graduated. 

Being a host for this event can help students develop new skills.

“This is what I would like to do in my career field. I have a passion for announcing. I learn something new every day. I enjoy people and my community. What better way to branch off into my career than this?” said Chatman. 

Sessions is a talent show where students can perform and show off what they’re good at. 

“Whether students or student organizations would like to sing, dance, rap, cite a poem, do a comedy skit or step, Sessions allows students to express themselves and let loose,” said Chatman.

The event means a lot to students who are involved in it because it fosters a sense of community and togetherness.

“It was amazing. We went out on the stage and did what we came to do which was go hard or go home. We had such a great time showing off our talent and having fun together as a team,” said Kassidy Madison, member of the FullOwt Dance Crew.

“School can be hectic and overwhelming and when people, especially students, have exciting things to look forward to, it brings people happiness. The environment and vibe is amazing, and it is a safe place for students to enjoy themselves and support each other!” said Chatman.