Have you ever dreamed of working at the happiest place on earth? Well this semester, my dream is coming true. My name is Nicole Nunez and I am a sophomore at Indiana State University. I am currently participating in the Disney College Program. I am an Elementary Education major and this is my second year writing for the Indiana Statesman. I am beyond excited to share my journey working for the Walt Disney Company each week.

The Disney College Program is a unique internship that allows college students to work at Walt Disney World in Florida or at Disneyland in California. So, for the entirety of the semester I will be proudly representing Indiana State University at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. What does this entail? 

Personally, I am working in merchandising at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but the different roles and opportunities are limitless. Some roles include character attendants, attractions, character performers, photo pass photographers, lifeguards and many more. Students in the College Program also have the opportunity to work in any of the four parks at Walt Disney World, as well as the resorts, Disney Springs and the waterparks. 

During my time in Florida, I am also living on Disney property. The Disney Company has apartment complexes reserved specifically for students in the College Program. How does any of this relate to Indiana State? I am still a full-time student participating in online courses through Indiana State, so I am still as much of a Sycamore as I am a Disney cast member. 

Disney has always been a huge part of my life. It was a large part of my childhood, from watching the movies to going to the parks. I knew one day I wanted to be a part of this amazing company. 

For me, Walt Disney World is more than simply a theme park. It is an experience, a home away from home. People come to Walt Disney World to celebrate, to believe, to spend time with family and friends, and to experience magic in their lives. I applied for this program to be someone who recreates these magical moments and memories for others. My love for Disney is something that has always been with me and this an opportunity to use my Disney knowledge and Disney passion to inspire others. Being in merchandising will provide me numerous opportunities to interact with guests, meet people from all over the world, and help them have the most magical vacation of their lives. 

Being able to see behind the scenes has given me even more appreciation for the company. There are thousands of people that work incredibly hard to make guests’ experiences at Walt Disney World one of a kind. I always remember visiting Disney World and noticing how helpful, excited and polite the cast members are. This is something my family and I talk about long after the trip is over. The cast members truly make it a magical experience, they are the reason people keep coming back to the parks. I have so many amazing memories from Walt Disney World and my dream was to create this magic for someone else, and now it’s happening. 

Follow my journey on Instagram @magical.nicole and check back in next week for another day of magic.