Star Weave Jam

Students weave together ribbon to create stars. This event is to help end violence. 

The Office of Multicultural Services and Programs hosted a Star Weave Jam on Monday to involve students and achieve the goal of weaving 10,000 stars to end violence. Elonda Ervin, the executive director of Multicultural Services and Programs gave an insight on the origins of the event.

"This event is called One Million Stars Against Violence, and it was started by (Maryann Talia) Pau. What happened is there was a rape in her village and she was so moved by how the community came together. So she wanted to create this initiative against violence. She wanted to create a display of a million people against violence,” Ervin said.

Ervin said she felt compelled to become part of the project after meeting Pau.

“I went last summer at the Lotus Festival that happens in Bloomington every summer. I volunteered there, and my station was creating these stars, and I was able to meet the creator of this initiative. Her name is Maryann Pau."

Ervin hopes that Indiana State University’s contribution can help to make a difference in the endeavor to end violence.

"It just moved me because her message of what motivated her and what it stood for … was a powerful message. It's not hard to do. We don’t have to say anything; we just do it. We'll have a display so all can see what Indiana State can accomplish."

The event was held in Dede III. Elonda Ervin and her staff pushed to make it possible.

She trained volunteers to teach other students how to make the stars in order to support all students who wished to successfully make the stars. Each student was given a shirt, but student organizations who intend to help, "If they want to have a star jam, we will train students and student organizations and students groups to do as many as they can and we'll give them prizes.” The student organization that makes the most stars will get to have a pizza party.

Ervin hopes that students take away from this more than just a motivation for a prize. "The importance of doing something outside of your realm. First they're taking a stand against violence, and they're taking a stand against violence in another country. There is a dual purpose,” she said.

Mariangel Morales, a student involved in organizations such as the Student Government Association, The Hispanic Latino Alliance and the International Student Leadership Council attended. She thought the cause for the event was a worthy one.

“I enjoyed the event, and I like to support a cause... If we were all together, we could all come together in ISU and do a million stars and end violence,” Morales said.

The next Star Weaves Jams will occur on April 5 and April 18. Students will get the chance to see their work as a community before the stars are shipped to Australia where they will be displayed at the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. They will be displayed on the seventh floor of the HMSU—the home of the Office of Multicultural Services and Programs.