The Deedee Morrison sculpture was unveiled in early May and made for a nice surprise for new and returning students to see. The Wabash River served inspired artist Deedee Morrison, who is from South Carolina, to create this piece of art. Ultimately, she named the sculpture “Our River-Our Future.” It stands outside the front of the Indiana State University College of Health and Human Services. 

According to the Tribune Star, “"Our River — Our Future" features steel circular patterns laser cut to represent the Wabash River’s diatoms, single-cell organisms that are key indicators of the health and well-being of an environment. The meandering of the Wabash River is reflected in the overall shape of the sculpture. The new sculpture, which stands 15 1/2 feet tall and six feet wide, can be seen along North Fifth Street near the newly-redesigned east entrance of the College of Health and Human Services.”

“It was nice to see a pretty new sculpture was built in front of the new College of Health and Human Services building. I love being able to walk past it every time I’m walking to my class,” said Indiana State University nursing student Sydney Kollins. 

Morrison told reporters for the Tribune Star, "A lot of my work starts with the environment. I think the relationship to the river is really important to the vitality of a city.”

“I was surprised when I first saw the new sculpture outside the new building. It’s cool to have a fresh piece of art to look at on campus and I thought it was really cool that it was inspired by the Wabash River,” said Indiana State University nursing student Karsen Root.

The Deedee art piece adds a nice touch of style to Indiana State’s campus. It is the seventh Art Spaces sculpture on ISU’s campus, and the 20th in Terre Haute.