The Student Advisory Board has been advertised as a “collection of students who are selected to give feedback to the dean of their specific college.” It is a diverse group that works closely in association with administration in order to give a student perspective on important issues, be they academic or otherwise. 

Applications are now live: students can sign up to take part in this great opportunity to have input in what happens with their college.

Director of Academic Affairs for the Student Government Association Brigitte Farris also works closely with the deans of the colleges and is involved in the organization of the group. 

“These boards are all unique to their individual college. Each college has their own set of bylaws, allowing them to give me specific information about who all is eligible and how many applicants the board will take per semester,” said Farris. 

What do the students on the board do on a day-to-day basis, though? 

“Again, the goal of these boards are for students to give consistent feedback to the dean and staff to ensure student success and happiness. Each student that serves on a board brings a unique and new perspective to the table. There is no specific ideal student for each board. The individuals on the boards can serve in regards to just communicating to the deans what is being said among students, or can go as far as creating scholarships within their school. The possibilities are endless, and students have a range of opportunities. It is what the students make of it. It has been a huge success in the specific colleges,” said Farris.

The student boards have been helpful to their respective colleges in many ways. They are able to provide useful feedback to colleges so that they know what has been working for students and what needs to be fixed. 

Suzanne Downs works for WCI AHEC, a program through the College of Health and Human Sciences, and works with the students on a close basis. 

“Student input is important to how we run things here. I don’t speak for all of the Health and Human Sciences people, but I know that in our program, students letting us know what things are great and what things could be done a little bit better is really important. Many of us in the department haven’t been students for a while, so we like getting their perspective just to let us know that our program is in tip-top shape,” said Downs.

Student input helps colleges run more smoothly. It’s a great opportunity to supply deans and administration with your own opinion on how things could be better. It looks great on a resume, too. Farris would like students to know that applications for the Student Advisory Board are still open. To apply, contact