COVID-19 has been affecting us for too long now[RM1] , and it has even changed the our time spent in college. We live in constant uncertainty. 

COVID has not only created confusion and despair in America, but also in many other countries. 

Spain was in a complete lockdown for an extended period. Even the country with the second largest population, India, was shut down for almost three months. 

It was a drastic decision taken by Indian government to protect their people. However, there was a large community negatively impacted because of the lockdown. 

Daily wage workers from small villages travel to big cities to find jobs in construction, cleaning or security. Once the lockdown began, they were left with no jobs and nowhere to go. 

Without a job and any savings, they were left in misery. Landlords forced the daily wage workers to vacate immediately because of their inability to pay.

Since the government heralded a sudden and immediate lockdown, public transportation also ceased to work, which made it more difficult for the daily wagers to go back to their villages. 

This left them with no other option but to walk. Many came from various parts of India, so they were forced to walk for more than 150 kilometers/100 miles with their families to reach their destinations. 

This was the predicament of thousands of workers in India. 

There were plenty of other conundrums due to COVID. 

Since the government announced a lockdown and said that it will be implemented in few hours, everybody who wanted to go home rushed to public transportation centers and packed into buses and trains. 

Unfortunately, the clustered buses and trains were high in risk of spreading COVID-19. 

Many weddings were also postponed. Indian weddings are an invitation for outbreak because guests can range from a few hundred to thousands. 

Religious gatherings were restricted and cancelled. However, there was one religious gathering in New Delhi, the capital of India, which contributed to a huge spike in COVID cases. 


Wuhan River Cruise ships which were halted off coast. Positive cases were quarantined on the ship and the rest were only allowed to evacuate after testing negative. 

Amidst of all of the stressful news, there was some good news too. 

The Indian government made every effort possible to fly their citizens back from Wuhan to India and even reached out citizens in different countries to help them return home safely.. 

COVID has impacted millions of lives all over the world in a short period of time. 

Students who were seeking visas were rejected and all the process were cancelled. All their time and efforts were washed away just like that.[RM3] 

Students who lived on campus were forced to leave in middle of their education and move back to their home countries. 

International students were left to live in uncertainty. When the US almost announced that international students (who weren’t living in residence halls) might have to leave the country if universities decide to go online. 

There were no flights and many of their home countries were are also facing COVID-19 issues. 

Students were living in fear. The only question left is when will this end?

 [RM1]More opinionated 

 [RM2]Repeated above

 [RM3]VISAs could be next topic??; during covid or in general