The changes throughout the community over the past few days have forced many residents to alter their routines. The cancellations and closings are unprecedented. Life seems to be temporarily on hold.

That doesn’t stop Terre Haute businesses and individuals from banding together to take care of people who rely on the basic services that have been suspended.

While Vigo County Schools are closed, the Meadows Cafeis offering free meals to children. For some kids, this offer is critical.

“The school breakfast or lunch may be the only meal some kids eat for the day,” says Terre Haute resident Mary Ellen Ludsmith, “If school is canceled, some kids might not get adequate meals.”

Grab and Go school lunches are available at the Meadows Cafe front kiosk from 10:45- 11:45. A weekly menu is available on Meadows Cafe’s Facebook page.

Plenty of other places around Terre Haute are also working to keep kids fed. Grab and Go lunches will also be served at North and South High School. VCSC is working with several community partners, including the Terre Haute Boys and Girls Club, Ryves Hall, CASY, Booker T. Washington Community Center and the Vigo County Public Library. These lunches also contain breakfast for the next morning. St. Benedict church will be giving away lunches as well.

“I’ve never seen the community come together like this,” says longtime resident Bill Vandermount, “it reassures me that everything will work out.”

Mother of two Lindsay Allen is thankful for the service provided by these community organizations, saying that it certainly helps.

“I have a high school sophomore and a sixth grader and I work full time. We live close to Meadows Cafe, so my kids can just walk and get lunch and I don’t have to worry about it,” Allen says.

The city of Terre Haute is also promoting social distancing as a method of spread prevention. Since Union Hospital has only received 25 test kits, local health practitioners are encouraging citizens to stay home as much as possible.

“With so few test kits, our hospitals will easily become overwhelmed if people don’t take steps to protect themselves and others,” says local RN Melissa Gulley, “We can better treat individuals who may contact COVID-19 if numbers remain manageable.”

During this confusing period, many Terre Haute businesses are working to ease the transition. One Terre Haute resident says that even just sharing a smile can help make someone’s day.

“We’re all in this together,” says resident Sue Marshall, “everyone can do their part by simply being friendly and supportive during this difficult time.”