Over the last week, rumors have lurked around campus about an alleged bedbug infestation in the Cunningham Memorial Library. 

The rumors have surfaced following a Facebook post by a concerned ISU student, Aryn Suiter. Suiter has shared a picture of the bug and the bite that resulted from the encounter.

The incident was also reminiscent to a recent story by WTHI-TV 10 of a Terre Haute family who has acquired a bed bug epidemic from a book checked out from the Vigo County Public Library. 

An intense inspection was done and there was no trace of bed bugs found at the time. 

Suiter’s purpose in posting about the matter was to address her frustrations to the lack of attention towards the issue rather than to defame Indiana State University. 

Suiter says, “I truly love this campus, the students, faculty, and staff. I posted because I felt like I ran out of resources to reach out to about the situation.”

The post was also demanding the Vigo County health department gives more reassurance to the student who’s been bitten as she sees that the matter has not been taken seriously.

In 2018, there have been 37 complaints about bed bugs that have been reported to the Vigo County Health Department. 

The department sees no health concern, as the bugs do not carry diseases.

“Even if it isn’t a health concern, thousands of students go to the library each week to study and do homework,” said Suiter. “They should not be getting bit by bedbugs like I have.”

Greg Youngen, Associate Dean of the Cunningham Memorial Library has worked closely to investigate and respond quickly to the issue at hand.

In just a few days after the initial post, Youngen, other library staff and custodians were able to identify the exact location where the bedbug was sighted and hire professional pest exterminators to thoroughly examine the building and its furniture and carpeting.

“I am quite happy to report that no evidence of bedbugs was found by this service,” said Youngen.

The Cunningham Memorial Library remains a functioning place for students to study, do homework, and take advantage of the many resources it offers. They encourage anyone using the library to report any sighting of bugs of any kind to the library staff immediately.

“It’s just something we need to monitor continuously to stay on top of,” Youngen says, “Usually between library staff, Facilities Maintenance personal, or custodians, we can take care of most any situation.”