Indiana State will have $3.1 million available in donor-funded scholarships and endowed programs in the next academic school year. This is a 24% increase from the prior academic year. 

“We’ve had very strong endowment investment performances and we’ve also had increased private giving for scholarship support, specifically,” said Kimberly Kunz, Executive Director of Stewardship and Constituent Relations.

There are several scholarship opportunities being advertised for ISU students recently. There are several different scholarships in each department as well as major-specific scholarships. 

To look into these scholarships, students can go to The Branch on the ISU Portal to apply.

“The best way for students to access these scholarships is through The Branch, from there they need to submit their general application. They can find more information on the university’s website at,” said Kunz. 

With millions of dollars coming in for student scholarships, this funding comes from passionate donors.

“A donor gives money to help support student education and help students reach their dreams and achieve their degree,” said Kunz.

These scholarships can be given based on a student’s involvement on campus, GPA, major and much more. 

When applying through The Branch, it asks that you submit your “general application.” By just submitting this, it puts you into the running for these scholarships. While some of these scholarships can be obtained by simply submitting this “general application,” others require more information. This information ranges from a resume to an essay.

“Every student should go in and take the time to submit their general application. This funding is here to help students and we want to make sure that we are maximizing that impact,” said Kunz.

 The deadline to apply for these scholarships through the university is March 1.