With a record-breaking turnout, ISU students all around campus are determined to make their voices heard.

Tuesday’s election promises a record-breaking number of voters. The faceoff between Donald Trump and Joe Biden has no clear frontrunner – in fact, almost all of the swing states’ polls are within the margin of error. 

While Indiana is a projected solid-red state and Illinois projected a solid-blue state - meaning that they are all-but-guaranteed to vote Republican and Democratic, respectively - students all around ISU’s campus are determined to make their voices heard. 

According to a random poll of 42 ISU students, the majority of registered voters have already voted. Early, in person voters accounted for 42.9% of respondents, and 14.3% of respondents have voted early by mail. One third of respondents plan to vote on Election Day, while 9.5% of registered student respondents will not be voting in this election.

For Nardos Gebreyohannes, a junior psychology major, this will be her first election as a U.S. citizen. “It made me feel quite powerful,” Gebreyohannes said after voting early in person. “It feels great to have a voice in what the government’s future looks like.” 

In response to how ISU students will be voting, the results quite heavily favor Joe Biden. According to another random poll of 42 ISU students when asked who they prefer for President, 76.2% of respondents said they have or will be voting for Joe Biden. 

When analyzing conservatives’ responses to the very same poll, the results were even with 9.5% of student voters saying they will vote for Donald Trump and 9.5% of student voters voting for third party Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen. 

However, among all Vigo County residents, an Emerson College poll showed tied results with 48% backing Trump and 48% supporting Biden. This is particularly interesting because in Vigo County – the home of ISU – the majority of voters have voted for the winning candidate every single year since 1888. 

Therefore, many national polling groups have kept a close eye on Vigo County. Whether the overwhelmingly democratic electorate of ISU students will make an impact on how the county votes or not is yet to be seen. 

The presidential faceoff is not the only election on the ballot: the battle for who will represent Indiana’s 8th congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives, which covers areas including Terre Haute, will also be decided by voters on election day. 

Incumbent Republican Representative Larry Bucshon will face Democratic challenger E. Thomasina Marsili. 

Bucshon, originally from Illinois, is a former heart surgeon. He is a strong supporter of President Trump and has represented the 8thdistrict since 2011. 

Marsili is a small business owner and licensed EMT. If elected, she would be the first member of the LGBTQ+ community to serve as a representative for the U.S. House from Indiana. 

“It is the burden of my generation to fix the broken system we have been handed,” Marsili said on her campaign’s Facebook page. 

Much like the presidential race, the congressional race is all up in the air.