Indiana State University students can partake in designing and engineering different types of packaging for different products. 

“Our packaging program is part of manufacturing and part of mechanical engineering technology. We are the part after the product is made,” said  ISU package engineering technology instructor, Brian James. 

The major focuses on everything after the product is made. 

“So, say I wanted to make a cereal box with the logo, the label of it. Packaging is the standards of the packaging. There are many different standards of the packaging. People don’t really know about packaging,” said senior Jordyn Strahan majoring in Package Engineering and Technology. 

There are different components to Package engineering including technology, business, the sciences, and mathematics. Students shared their favorite parts of the coursework. 

“Since were doing graphics in class right now, I'm really getting interested in the graphics,” said Strahan. Sophomore Elaine Marshall has a different take on things. “Right now, I’m interested in the testing part of it because that's the class I’m in right now and it’s interesting to see how different packages react in different situations.” 

James says that most students within the major are transfers from other majors and not many of them actually start out within the major. “Graphic design is what brought me into packaging. When I was a freshman I was a chemical engineering major and it wasn’t anything I wanted to do so I went into Brian’s office and we talked about the graphic design that we do on the computers, that's what brought me here,” said Strahan.

 This idea seems to be shared between the two, but Marshall was drawn in because of a different aspect of Package Engineering and Technology. 

 “We all kind of come in not exactly knowing what we want to do, and then we find what we want to do through internships,” said Marshall. 

Students within the Package Engineering major have to complete three paid internships within their time at Indiana State. 

“You do have to take a couple internships and all of them are paid,” said Marshall. Within the major, there are different focuses that each student may have a different level of interest in. 

For example, Strahan enjoys the graphic design above all. “My favorite part is designing different types of boxes and how they come together at the end. I like how its time consuming, but you can learn a lot from it. If you like video games and you like designing stuff, then packaging is for you.”