ISU is proud to offer numerous opportunities for students to get involved.

ISU offers many organzations and clubs, but not every organization has the ability to promote itself to the student body. 

SGA (Student Government Association) hopes to change this by partnering with various student organizations in weekly Blue Fridays.

Blue Fridays are a way for clubs and organizations to create a name for themselves. By partnering with SGA, clubs can reach a wider, more diverse audience.

“I was skeptical at first,” said sophomore Chloe Nielsen, an active volunteer at United Campus Ministries, “but partnering with SGA has made students more aware of services UCM offers, like the student food pantry.”

There is always a list of available organizations on Treehouse, but as freshman Jacob Schactor points out, that list isn’t always updated.

“There were organizations on the list that hadn’t been active in a while. Some didn’t have contact information or meeting times and dates. It was hard to know exactly what organizations were active,” Schactor said. 

He explains that lots of students run into the same issue, especially freshmen looking for something to join.

However, Schactor explains that he has learned about a few organizations through Blue Fridays.

“I was able to receive current and concise information through Blue Fridays,” Schactor says.

 Blue Fridays aim to create excitement about what ISU is doing as a whole. Donations from alumni and the community are what keep the university going.

Any organization can apply to be a part of a Blue Friday. 

SGA will promote the organization and advertise Blue Friday partnership via social media. 

SGA will take care of most of the promotion and logistics, organizations just have to be ready to host a tabling event and advertise as necessary 

SGA reminds organizations that Blue Fridays are partnerships, and the approved organizations must fulfill their part. It’s not about promoting any one organization or the work of SGA, it’s about giving back to ISU.

“I chose to attend ISU because of its commitment to community service,” says sophomore Aisha Cartwright, “Blue Fridays are one of many, many ways for students to engage in the community”

Interests organizations can find more information about how to apply on SGA’s webpage. Further requirements for participants are also included. Don’t forget to wear Blue to show your Sycamore pride!