Students of the John T Meyers College of Technology gained the opportunity to get ahead and network with companies to have more possibilities after college through Tech Connection.

Getting started in the path of one’s career might start in the classroom, it all depends on what a student does outside and what they do  with others to get them started.

The following companies that were represented at Tech Connection include Cummins Inc, Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Crane Division, Union Health, TOA-SE and Shiel Sexton.

Jared Wuerzburger, an assistant professor, said that the Tech Connection is an opportunity for students to talk to future employers. He noted that Tech Connection happened before the career fair and some of the students could get interviews before the career fair starts.

Wuerzburger said, “We in the college of technology are grateful to work with companies.” He also added that he hoped that these companies would help ISU students find jobs in the Indiana and Illinois area.

Wuerzburger said that former ISU graduates come back to ISU with the companies they work with for looking for more students. Jesse Allen, an ISU graduate, was one of Wuerzburger’s former students who was there with Cummins.

Allen stated that Tech Connection is the best opportunity for students to get their faces in front of employers and a way to think ahead on the future.

Allen said when giving advice to students, “[In] classes, it’s easy to do the minimum to get a good grade, however if you take the time to understand the curriculum...understand the material and apply it to the it to the real world.”

Cierra Vondohlen, construction management, Marshall, IL, was at Tech Connection representing Shiel Sexton as an intern. She was a student on campus but now takes all of her classes online because of the internship. She got her internship at the career fair last year.

Vondohlen stated that students should be open-minded when it comes to trying new things and said “don’t be narrow minded that you overlook every opportunity” that might come towards a student’s way.

Maggie Booe, engineering, Linton, IN said that this was her second time going to Tech Connection. She even added that she was having a good experience so far talking to all the companies.

Booe’s reason for going to Tech Connection was that she was looking for more internship experiences. She stated that she had an internship with Advics in Terre Haute summer 2019. However she was looking a bigger internship with a bigger company.

Casey Mershon, Information Technology, Danville, IN, said about Tech Connection, “It’s really good to get my name out there” and just be able to have the companies know and recognize him. He also added that he wants to be able to learn what he can do better from the companies as well, especially when he graduates in December.

Mershon said, “it’s easy for younger people to they don’t have to [network]” and this is because a lot of students feel they have four years to be able to think of life after college but according to Mershon, he said it is “easier to start now”

Jeremy Johnson, mechanical engineering technology, Darlington, IN, stated that this was his first time going to Tech Connection, he also added that he was expected to graduate in the spring.

Johnson said that the contacts were nice and knowledgeable and he had received feedback on both his resume and ways to interview. He added that it was also good to talk to companies to see where their thoughts are for future employees.

Johnson advised to other students to “make sure you go to the career center” and stated that he wished he would have come to a Tech Connection previously sooner to be able to network.