The library will be open 24 hours five days a week through study week and finals week. This will allow students an opportunity to study at any hour throughout the duration of finals.

Greg Youngen, the associate dean of the library said that most facilities in the library such as the writing center and mentor center will maintain their regular hours but the library itself will remain open 24 hours during finals week.

Yongen stated that there aren’t any activities going on during study week and finals that the library has planned, but other groups such as the Honors College will have events.

Youngen mentioned that the study rooms in the library will be left unlocked and available on a first come first serve for students to use if they want to use them for quiet space. There are also various spaces that students could meet in groups in the library.

Snacks will be available in the library for students studying during the late night or early morning hours. 

Youngen said he wasn’t sure the types of snacks that would be available but that there is going to be a cutback on the snacks compared to previous years. 

This saves money as well, as the library isn’t fully staffed. “We are trying to cut back on more healthy things.” Said Youngen.

Youngen guaranteed that there would be fruit available to help fuel the minds of the students studying and needed the energy.

Youngen mentioned that this is the first semester that the library has not been open all semester long 24 hours five days a week. 

According to Younge, studies have shown that during normal school days a student could leave in between midnight and 1:00 a.m. and it was not needed for library staff to stay the full time if students were not present.

According to Youngen the library decided upon these hours by working with SGA.