Past problems during the Walk, an unsanctioned pub crawl that is always held on Homecoming, has prompted university officials to make changes to the traditional Tent City in an effort to make the event safer for students, alumni and the community. 

“The key piece is a safer environment for Homecoming and those activities,” said ISU President Deborah Curtis. “Last year, there were some dangerous events that occurred. We spent 10 months working on this with the city and our colleagues here on campus to strategize on how to create a safer environment. That is the main concern right now.” 

In the past, Tent City has been set up around the outside of Memorial Stadium. This year, a smaller Tent City will be held within the stadium. Tent City will remain open throughout the entirety of the game. 

Individuals who plan to visit Tent City will need to buy a ticket into the stadium. Students will still be able to enter the stadium for free with a valid student ID. 

“There isn’t anything you did at Homecoming last year that you can’t do this year,” Curtis said. “It’s just more about where it will be taking place.” 

Tailgating will be permitted outside the stadium until the game begins as it has been for all home games this season. An area will be designated for tailgating and there will be some regulations, which can be found on ISU website. 

The rules include a prohibition on glass bottles, regulations on tent sizes and restrictions on amplified music. 

Curtis said changing the location of Tent City will be helpful to both public safety and the Terre Haute Police Department because they will be able to better patrol and monitor the area between 9th Street and the stadium. 

“The Terre Haute Police Department are ramping up their participation and making sure that anything that takes place along there meets all the requirements for licensing and certificates and safety,” said President Curtis. 

Also, the university will increase the number of buses available for students so they can return to campus safely.