Indiana State University's logo has a new look.

Vice President of Enrollment Management John Beacon said that the current ISU logo has been around since 1984.

"At the time, IBM was a big name so we tried to give it that symmetrical and industrial look," Beacon said.  "It has been quite a long time since we updated it."

He said that the refreshed logo went through stages, and ended with the completed project.  The renovations were inspired by the need to make the logo more sharp and fresh.

"We really wanted to make the Sycamore leaf look more leafy," Beacon said.  "We put a shadow below the logo, bent the stem, created curves and added additional gray."

The final product consists of the Sycamore leaf turned counter clock-wise to create a look that depicts a more natural falling leaf.  The Indiana State University title has been moved slightly closer to the Sycamore leaf logo.

"We have also moved the t and y in the word university together so they touch," Beacon said.  "The tagline has been left alone."

There was no resistance when the new ISU logo was presented to students, faculty and the Board of Trustees, he said.

"We had an art designer with the company 'Mind Power' come up with the first designs," Beacon said.  "Our designer at ISU took it to the next stage, and added the finishing touches."

The new ISU logo has already made its way to different mediums on campus.

"It's officially being used now," Beacon said.  "Over the next year, it will transition, and completely replace the old logo.  It is found on ISU's website, orientation leaders t-shirts, handouts for incoming students, letter heads and other signage across campus.

He said that the new logo will be in use until someone else decides to refresh it a few years from now.

"I personally like this very much and the clean line is appealing, the natural look of the Sycamore leaf is attractive, and I am satisfied with the product," Beacon said.