ISU distributes yellow ribbons and green lights to honor veterans.

On Nov. 11, students, faculty and veterans gathered in the Hulman Memorial Student Union for an annual event to honor veterans for their service. Yellow ribbons and green lights were distributed and a lunch followed after the ceremony. The ceremony included the presentation of colors, wreath laying, remarks from President Deborah Curtis, and recognition of veterans and current military personnel at the university and in the Terre Haute community. The ceremony started at 11 am promptly, those in attendance were instructed to sit in socially distanced seating, and to wear their mask the entire time. The ceremony was brief this year. President Curtis said, “it’s really, really important that annually we remember our veterans. I am so proud of the work that our ROTC team has done; we kept the program short on purpose, ordinary years we would have a speaker but this year we decided shorter would be better, so we can really stay committed to that need to express our gratitude in the most socially-distanced, responsible way.” Several of attendees who were there at the event commented that it was still meaningful and felt right. Jennifer Christian, the mastermind behind the event, stated “I have had the privilege of doing this [event] for the past nine years. Working with our veterans. Veterans Day is something that is important to me, because I have had a lot of veterans in my family. Both of my parents worked at a veteran’s hospital my entire life. So I think today it’s great for me, getting to help plan this because veterans are such a big part in our country overall. And we need to thank them.” Only 50 people were permitted to gather in person, but those who attended stood and were a part of something in that moment, a community. During the ceremony off to the left in the front stood the “Remembrance Table.” It symbolized the seating for those who answered the call of the nation, our missing loved ones and comrades in arms. It included a seat for each of the six services; army, marine corps, navy, air force, coast guard and space force. It was a beautiful ceremony that meant a lot. Indiana State University sophomore, Elizabeth Odle, said, “this event made me really proud to be a veteran here at Indiana State, and I felt really honored and I feel like it honored our veterans very well.”