Zoom gathering held for ISU students to discuss careers in sustainability.

Many students get active in sustainability during high school after taking their first environmental science class. They learn about recycling, waste and even global warming. Students learn about their carbon footprint, the amount of carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds emitted due to the consumption of fossil fuels by a particular person, group, etc., and the impact they leave on this planet. For some students this begins their path to activism. Wanting to do whatever they can to make this earth a little better each day. However, after schooling they jump into the workforce and they lose motivation or don’t know how they can continue to make a good impact on the planet. Indiana State University has an established reputation for being environmentally conscious. The university sustainability page states, “We work to provide sustainability initiatives and projects across campus and the community with dynamic collaborative partners. This also includes supporting and uplifting other partner’s initiatives. We want to integrate sustainability into operations, curriculum, co-curriculum, research, and engagement with the ISU community.” Indiana State also has a Community Garden, which opened in 2008, where community members can participate free of charge. Their website states that in return, gardeners agree to “tend to their plots and paths, plant only annuals, and refrain from using pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides,” as well as to “commit three hours of service a month to the garden and donate 10% of their annual yield to local charities.” According to the webpage, “During the 2019 garden season, gardeners from the ISU Community Garden donated a combined 2800 lbs. of produce and over 1000 hours of service”. 

Six professionals gathered Thursday to discuss “Careers in Sustainability” and their individual work on a moderated Zoom call.  The Office of Sustainability, College of Arts & Sciences, Scott College of Business, and the Career Center hosted this event. 

President of B.O.S.S, Christian Hill, spoke about the event, saying, “definitely got a lot from it, I didn’t know there were so many careers within the field of sustainability, it affects so many different businesses.”  Hill further highlighted upon the importance of sustainability on campus and how it’s so important that “my kids have something they can build upon and change.” 

You can get involved with ISU’s sustainability engagement by visiting ISU’s sustainability website, signing up for their newsletter, visiting their Facebook or Instagram, or by emailing ISU-Sustainability@indstate.edu.