In part of celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of being a part of Indiana State, the college of technology  hosted a Fly in or Cruise event Saturday, April 27. The event took place at the Terre Haute Regional Airport from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The Fly in or Cruise in event is a part of the year-long events that have been taking place celebrating the college’s milestone.

 “This event is the first time the college has done this,” said Dr. Kristina Lawyer Associate Professor in the department of Applied Engineering and Technology and a part of planning this event.

Lawyer is one of the many people who was a part of the planning of the event. “There is a committee within the college working together,” said Lawyer. “We all from different departments working together to put the event together.”

Lawyer described that anyone who has a plane or a car was free to show up to the event to show off his or her mode of transportation.

“The event is anyone with a plane or car can just show up and show off their car or plane for a few hours, get some food then go home,” said Lawyer.

Lawyer then mentioned how fly in and cruises usually don’t happen together, so this event is unique.

“Cruise ins happen all the time but fly ins usually don’t occur often.” said Lawyer.

“The attraction is people who are into cars and planes and want to come look at them,” said Lawyer. “We have come across a lot of mother/daughter, father/ son, who will fly their planes or drive their cars in.”

Lawyer then discussed some history of the college.

“It is interesting that the college has been around for 50 years,” said Lawyer. “This event and the other events we have held are all about celebrating the unique history of this college.”