Both Arabic and English were spoken during the event. Students Sara Alshamqiti  and Abdyullah Sembawah served as translators at the celebration. 

The event included a reading of an excerpt of “The verse of the throne” from the Quran. 

Mohammad Samkari welcomed everyone to the event, shared the background of the Saudi Student Association, introduced the officers of the Saudi Student Asssociation, and discussed their goals for the group..

They plan to have their first social meeting on Nov. 22.

Two traditional dances were performed.   During the dances  performers held the flags of Saudi Arabia. During the second dance the performers  linked arms and sang along to the music being played.

Guests had the opportunity to try Arabic coffee along with various foods. After dinner there was live music and entertainment that allowed people to dance and socialize. 

Junior Bayan Samkari said that Saudi Arabia is changing and becoming more accepting to allow more people in. She even explained how Saudi was once a closed off country.

Samkari said, “Don’t be afraid to ask if you see something you’re unsure of” especially when it comes to learning about different cultures. 

She also added that the Saudi Student Association welcomes everyone to attend their events in the future to learn about Arabic culture.