Secret Service agent gives advice for those wanting jobs in Secret Service Agency 

Secret Service agent, Jenna Carey, spoke to a criminology class on Monday morning about careers within the Secret Service and career readiness for students. She explained the focuses of her job and informed students of the benefits of getting a federal job entail. “I gave a presentation to a class about the secret service, the opportunities, going over resumes, and I also talked about,” said Carey.

When looking for a job with the federal government, students have to make sure they have everything in line before they get it. Carey gave tips about how to start looking and prepare for a job. She emphasized job experience and internships while in college. “Make sure you get all the job experience while you’re in college. Go through multiple internships, make sure you’re utilizing the career center, having professors and counselors look over your resume, “said Carey. One of the things that may be a little different about applying for a job in the federal government is the resume style, she spoke about how to make sure you have a good resume while utilizing the resources on campus. “I talked about how to make a federal style resume three to five pages long, making sure you're maintaining a decent grade point average, making sure you’re getting all the experience you need and being a reasonable and responsible adult while you’re in college,” said Carey. 

She explained during the presentation that there’s no other job like this one and that there’s many benefits of a career in the Secret Service Agency. “I think there’s a lot of benefits. I think having a protective mission of protecting the president, the vice president and their family members. No one else has that mission so I think it's very important to learn that in college,” said Carey. 

Students can get a lot out of a job in the secret service. With the right experience, students can get hired right out of college. “Knowing that you can get hired right out of college is important. You can go into the federal level, if you’re doing everything right,” said Carey, “I would say having the job that I have is pretty amazing.”