The Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence held a training on Zoom this past Monday to help faculty prepare for a unique semester.

Dr. Molly Hare, the Director of the Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence, answered some questions about the event. First, she went into some detail about the FCTE, saying, “The Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence (FCTE) hosted this session for faculty. The FCTE is the place on campus that is entirely devoted to teaching and our mission is “Innovation, Information, and Celebration of Teaching.” Faculty attend our sessions to learn about and share information on the latest techniques and strategies to implement in the classroom. We offer a wide variety of professional development throughout the year.” The FCTE office is located on the first floor of the Cunningham Memorial Library.

The reasoning behind this particular event being planned was that, according to Hare, “It seems the timing was right… we are starting a new semester! It was a great time to hear the ideas presented on how to introduce each class and then review the lesson at the end.”

How, then, were faculty able to benefit from this event and from those running it? Hare continued, saying, “Faculty were able to hear best practices from evidence-based sources on strategies that can be used in a variety of teaching and learning environments. In addition, faculty shared some of their favorite methods which each other that weren’t in the presentation,”

There are always new events that are available for our Indiana State faculty members through the Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence. Hare said, “Faculty should review our FCTE website and look in Upcoming Events. In addition, our current programming is listed on with the zoom links provided under Programming and Zoom Links label due to the limit on participant gatherings.” These events are vital for helping not only faculty succeed, but students as well. 

Faculty programming is just as important as student programming; both groups are large parts of the Indiana State community and deserve opportunities through which they can grow. The Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence provides just that for members of faculty here on campus.