On Wednesday, October 2nd at 7:30 pm, ISU’s Society of Professional Journalist will host a Candlelight Vigil in remembering Alumni Jamal Khashoggi, a slain journalist and ISU alum.

After one year since Khashoggi’s death, this event will be held to commemorate Khashoggi for his courage, curiosity and advocacy for truthful journalism.

Jamal Khashoggi was a Saudi Arabian dissident and observant Muslim. He graduated from Indiana State in 1983 with a degree in business administration.

Khashoggi was assassinated in October 2018 while visiting the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul. It is believed that the Saudi government had ordered his execution for having been openly critical of Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, Mohammad bin Salman, and king, Salman of Saudi Arabia. His death provoked international mourning and the need to address the protection of journalists under the first amendment.

In December 2018, Khashoggi was even named Time magazine’s Person of the Year, the only Indiana State alumnus to be recognized and the first to ever do so posthumously.

Indiana State has held the first annual address honoring Khashoggi in April 2019. David Ignatius, renowned columnist for the Washington Post and former friend of Khashoggi, spoke at this event to further examine into the urgent issues related to journalism, the first amendment and freedom of the press.

“There’s no greater honor for a journalist now than to be associated with the values that Jamal courageously represented,” Ignatius remarks.

Indiana State will continue to annually recognize Khashoggi for his contributions as an author, government propagandist, columnist for the Washington Post, and editor for Al Watan, the Saudi Arabian newspaper.

The event is free and open to the public. Donations to the Jamal Khashoggi Room happening in the Dreiser Hall Renovation can be made at indstatefoundation.org/ give. Designation: Other, Jamal Khashoggi Room.