Student Media opportunities offer professional skills to students

A passion for media has led Garrett Short to join multiple organizations within Student Media at Indiana State University.

“I currently work for Indiana State Sports Network, WZIS and the Statesman newspaper,” said Garrett Short, junior communication major from Beecher, Ill. “I decided my freshman year to get as involved as possible and I have been at it since.”

Short is the sports director at WZIS, a sports reporter at the Statesman and an announcer at ISSN.

“Each job has its own rewards and challenges, but no matter what, my grades are the most important,” Short said. “The flexibility of Student Media allows me to keep a focus on my grades so I can balance school and media.”

Short chose to be so involved in Student Media so that he could grow in his sports media passion.

“I’ve always liked to write and read, but my passion for media is from my love of sports,” Short said. “I want to write about sports for a living because producing that kind of media doesn’t feel like work.”

While challenges arise, the rewards are worth the work, according to Short.

“Last year at the radio station, we went to Arch Madness,” Short said. “We were able to be up in the press box. To present in a professional way at a big tournament was amazing. It was worth the work it took to get there.”

Rich Green, general manager of WISU and WZIS, has worked with Short since the fall of 2015.

“Garrett is one of those students that loves a challenge,” Green said. “He also challenges others to be better. He leads by example rather than telling someone what to do.”

While taking on three forms of media seems like a lot, Short’s motivation is passion in his work.

“My hardest challenge has been staying on top of everything,” Short said. “I have to make sure that my voices stay separate. Things are done differently for announcing sports versus announcing radio. Writing for newspaper is different than writing for the radio station.”

Short’s mentor at State has been Seth Payne, the sports video manager for Indiana State’s sports network.

“We’ve gotten lucky with our students and their willingness to learn and be involved,” Payne said. “Garrett’s desire to learn, especially with his announcing, is what makes him stand out. He asks questions to learn as much about his work as possible and to make sure the quality of his work maintains a high standard.” Short plans to continue in media after graduation.

“I plan to stick with sports media after college,” Short said. “Student Media allowed me to build a portfolio, create friendships and learn real skills. If you are considering joining, just do it. You won’t regret it.”

Contact: Morgan Gallas, strategic communication specialist, ISU Student Media, (219) 246-1805, mgallas@sycamores.