ISU student is raising money to go help the people effected by Hurricane Dorian.

This past weekend, a massive hurricane slowly but surely struck the Bahamas and is now making its way up the east coast of the United States.

 ISU student Ellison Hanna was personally affected by this category 5 Hurricane Dorian.

 Ellison came to Terre Haute two years ago to study public relations and play baseball for the university. However, he is originally from Nassau, Bahamas, one of the islands effected by the storm. 

Currently, his entire family is stuck on various islands in the Bahamas with one aunt having escaped to Florida and one cousin nowhere to be found. The last time he saw his family was about nine months ago.

 Since he is in Terre Haute with no way of getting home, he is hoping his fellow students will rally together to help the cause from far away.

Ellison says, "Hurricane Dorian is tied for top two in the northern Bahamas" regarding the worst hurricanes he has seen. The hurricane got up to 185 mph winds and 220 mph wind gusts, while only moving about 7 mph. 

The Grand Bahamas and Abaco got the worst of the storm, now being 70% underwater. Currently, the death toll is at five with many missing, but that is sure to rise as the storm dies down and more people are found.

 People are hiding in their attics or trying to get as high up on buildings as they can because the water is reaching a depth upwards of 20 feet. Jet skis and small boats have been the main mode of transportation and helping save people. 

As far as cleaning up the islands, it will take some time. The airports are currently down on all islands and a boat ride from Miami to the Grand Bahamas is about six hours. Electricity will also be down for months on the mainly effected islands.

 Citizens will need food, clothes and various types of relief. Right now, the U.S. Coast Guard, help from Britain and hurricane relief funds are helping get the Bahamians back on their feet.

 Ellison is starting a GoFundMe to raise money to send items for hurricane relief to Miami. You can also donate items or money to Hurricane Relief Freeport, 3218 NW North River Drive, Miami, Florida, 33142.