Dreiser Hall, the last historical building on campus yet to be updated, is in the process of going through a 16.4-million-dollar renovation.

The improvements have been going on over the years as some student media rooms, bathrooms and other smaller projects have been updated. Dreiser Hall has not seen a total renovation of the building like most of the other buildings on campus. Some portions of the hall have never been updated to this date. 

“Dreiser is such an important building, so many students take classes in there each semester. It gets a lot of use and it’s going to be a much better student experience after these renovations are done,” said the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Christopher Olsen. 

The hall is receiving a complete renovation both mechanically and electrically. All of the teaching spaces are going to be updated, including the student media rooms. The theater is also going to be updated.

With some of the rooms so out of date, the renovation will be a welcome change. Teaching is constantly changing over the years and it’s important that these buildings keep up with those changes.

 The building is also going to become more ADA, or Americans with Disabilities Act, friendly. The bathrooms, elevators, entrances and exits are all going to become more accessible to those with disabilities. The ADA bathroom was becoming difficult to access and that is another very important change coming to Dreiser.

“I remember it always being so hot in Dreiser. It was probably the hottest classroom I had been in that semester,” said ISU Senior, Shelbie Hill.

 The climate control will also no longer be a problem in the near future of Dreiser Hall. An HVAC, or heating, ventilating, and air conditioning unit will also be put into place. 

This will help to control the climate of Dreiser and make it a more comfortable building to be in. 

All of electrical and mechanical renovations are going to play a role into the comfort of Dreiser Hall. “I’m very excited to hear about the new changes of Dreiser, I know this will help to make the building a more enjoyable experience for students,” said Hill.

All these updates coming to Dreiser will take a considerable amount of time and funding. 

The small updates to Dreiser have been taking place for a few years, but these current renovation plans are going to be taking place and hopefully will be finished within the next sixteen months.

 The cost of these changes is estimated to be around $16.4 million dollars.

“When it’s done, we hope Dreiser Hall will be a much better experience for learning and for the students and staff. That’s what is most important,” said Olsen.