Quidditch, a new club sport at Indiana State University will become an official team by the fall of 2019. 

Quidditch is a fictional sport created by author of J.K Rowling of the Harry Potter series. A graduate student, Mustafa Mustafa, created the club in 2016. The club has doubled the original six members from the start. 

“We have a lot of key additions,” said head coach Dayton Stahl. “This club has definitely improved over time and were not even close to our full potential yet.” 

The team has many social media platforms to promote their team, as well as a “Rally Around Us” fundraising campaign. The team has currently raised over $1500 dollars to go toward fees to become an official recognized team. 

Becoming official would included a full schedule of tournaments in games, as well as having a chance to attend regional playoffs to face other schools in the state including IU, Purdue and Ball State. 

“We are very excited about this opportunity,” said Stahl. “This has been our goal since the beginning of this year, to finally compete and make a name for ourselves.”

The game itself is a mixture of football, dodgeball and soccer. The sport became a nationally recognized sport in 2005 and it’s been growing ever since. Currently 150 schools across the nation have official Quidditch teams. 

“The sport is growing so fast,” said President Dalton Serkis, “We just love the fact that we are going to be a part of that.” 

With being an unofficial team, they cannot be a part of many tournaments, as they are not registered with USA Quidditch. They have been scrimmaging with teams such as Illinois and Ball State, as well going to an unofficial tournament in Cleveland, Ohio. 

“We just keep getting better with numbers that we recruit and our skills of playing this sport, I think it makes us a wild card because nobody knows what we're capable of,” Serkis said. 

The Quidditch team practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 to 7 p.m. at the first street soccer field across from the ISU baseball field. 

The team encourages everyone to come out and give this new sport a try. 

“You don’t have to be an athlete to play this game,” said Stahl “ Come out and give it a chance, we have a lot of fun and would love to see new faces that fall in love in this sport like we do.” 

The team is having a “House Feast” to promote their team on Friday April 19 in Dede I starting at 6 p.m. General admission is $5 a person. The feast will include food, games and a DJ.