This week, several buildings on campus faced rising temperatures due to complications with the  chilled water system that ISU’s campus uses.

The issues arose following a major leak underground in the chilled water line between Fifth and Spruce Street.

Consequently, Fifth Street will be closed from Spruce to the entry of Parking Lot 24. To facilitate the repairs, ISU’s maintenance has had to shut down the Air-Conditioning systems in more than 30 buildings across campus. 

Some temperatures have reached 80 degrees or more. 

Many students worry about how the heat will affect their preparation for the end of the semester and studying for finals.

 “It is hard to concentrate on anything but the heat,” Martha Alsip, a freshman who lives in Rhoads Hall, said. “It has even kept me up all night.” 

Residential Life encouraged students to contact their hall staff if they felt that their living space is unsafe due to the heat.

Jim Jensen, Director of Facilities Operations and Maintenance, reassured students that the issues are only temporary.

“We expect the repairs to be completed and all A/C to be back online by the end of this week” Jensen said.

“It definitely made me appreciate the weather outside” –Annie Drappos