In October of 2019, ISU’s Board of Trustees approved the demolition of the Lincoln Quad complex. The demolition is scheduled for the end of the spring semester.

Lincoln Quad has served as a residential space for 50 years. Renovating the building no longer makes financial sense.

 Senior Vice President of Finance Diann McKee reports “[It] does not make financial sense because of the challenges involved in maintenance and operation of the aging facility.”

 Exterior finishes, common spaces and mechanical systems are in need of replacement. 

The open concept of the building means there are entrances and exits, posing a security threat to students. The rooms are much smaller than other residential rooms. 

The Board reports that Lincoln Quad is one of the hardest buildings to maintain on campus.

 Over the past 10 years, additional beds have been added to current facilities. Many students are also opting to live in off-campus apartments. Lincoln Quad is no longer needed.

The complex also serves as a base for fraternities and sororities. The university is still working on finding a location for a new base.

The Lincoln Dining Hall will be demolished along with the rest of the building. The newly-renovated Sycamore Dining Hall is big enough to accommodate students from every residence hall.

“I think it’s great that ISU is continually taking steps to modernize,” says junior David Sanniford,I think prospective students will think so, too.”

ISU has renovated several facilities over the past 5 years, including the new Health and Human Services building and completely remodeling Sycamore Dining Hall.

“It’s become important to have updated facilities,” says freshman Autumn Rinkowski, “It definitely factored into my college search.”

The Lincoln Quad complex will remain open until the conclusion of the spring 2020 semester. No students will be currently required to relocate, but will have to choose a different housing option for the fall semester.

The Board of Trustees hasn’t to decide what will fill the space, they have been exploring the possibility of additional green space and parking lots.

Sophomore Brendon Chambers says, “more green space would be great, especially an outdoor classroom.” 

Chambers explains that while the Quad is certainly a great place to hang out, he would like to see something a bit quieter.

“The Quad has tons of students passing through it all the time, so I’d like a more relaxed place to hang out,” Chambers says. 

Whatever may fill the space, the demolition of Lincoln Quad will certainly yield what the Board of Trustees believes will best benefit students, be it a parking lot, a gathering place or something entirely new.