Over the past decade, ISU has worked towards creating a sustainable campus. The Office of Sustainability seeks to promote environmental responsibility, as well as social equity in the community.

Though the media is mostly reporting news surrounding the spread of the coronavirus, this season The CDC estimates that there will be over 26 million cases of influenza and at least 14 thousand deaths.

On Feb. 12, Terre Haute Police Detective, Troy Davis, Assistant Prosecutor Rob Roberts and Matt Leucking’s brother, Eric came together to discuss the murder of local DJ, Matt Leucking. 

ISU is proud to offer numerous opportunities for students to get involved.

February marks the beginning of Black History Month, and at ISU students and faculty are gearing up for multiple events dedicated to educating and bringing recognition to the profound and very impactful actions of black historical figures.

International Resource Center Hosts Third year of World Hijab Day, an event in the commons focused on educating ISU students about the uses and origin of the hijab. 

Indiana State University was founded in 1865 and has endured a variety of changes since then. On Jan. 29, Founders Day celebrated 155 years of Indiana State.

Alberto Friedmann, a professor at ISU in the College of Health and Human Services, published an article in the Royal Society of Medicine confronting the issue of some Americans being denied the right to receive healthcare. 

The Women’s Resource Center is showing a series of documentaries that focus on different women’s issues

During the Martin Luther King Jr. Dinner on Thursday Jan. 17, Dr. Joan Morgan, award-winning journalist, author and provocative cultural critic, gave a speech discussing the question: “Is America post-racial?” 

Stress is a college student’s worst enemy. Homework can pile up in the blink of an eye, leaving students to spend hours studying rather than practicing self care. Luckily, there is a cheap remedy for the stresses of college: exercise.