The historically rich, most beautiful country called Nepal is sandwiched between the two great nations of India and China. Nepal attracts tourists from all over the world. Nepal is the home to Mount Everest's majestic top and the birthplace of Lord Buddha. 

With stunning views and amazing landscapes, a spirit of adventure and love for nature would astonish many. The charismatic people of Nepal add beauty to your memories by presenting a magnificent blend of the destination and the rich culture. 

It is true that the name of Nepal, in the tourism world, is known for the trekking destinations offered to tourists. A big part of Nepali tourism comes from the trekking adventures across the year.

People from across the globe travel to Nepal to try the laborious and exciting hike the snowy summits of the Mount Everest, which is at 5,364 meters or 18,000 feet high. 

The shorter treks and the diverse trekking options in the Annapurna region is what attracts the adventure lovers to visit Nepal and spend the time of their life there. 

You will experience breathtaking views of some of the world's tallest and most beautiful mountains. The trekking is highly arduous, but worth the effort.

Trekking the mountains is up to 7,000 meters in Nepal at the lower heights. Climbing the peaks is something else and requires climbing skills as it is a dangerous adventure that not everyone can do. 

Mountain peak climbing is another popular adventure that the tourists love to do in Nepal and you should try it if you do not have a faint heart. You can find the guides and the groups going for climbing the peaks at the foot of the mountain and enjoy the taste of adventure for climbing with them.

Trekking isn’t the only thing you would want to visit Nepal. 

There are more than 200 lakes in Nepal with a beautiful glacier origin. These lakes present a stunning view with vivid shades of blue. The white-water rafting is something that the adventurers and the tourists love to do in Nepal. 

The long rivers with clean water, mountains, jungles and beautiful landscapes run along these rivers, low costs of the rafts and the guides, which makes rafting more exciting and adventurous compared to any other part of the world. 

Since Nepal is the home to the tallest summits in the world, the adventure sports in Nepal are numerous and people love to enjoy these sports. Bungee jumping, paragliding, mountain flight, zip-flying, ultra-light flight, canyoning and canoeingare among some the best adventure sports that you can enjoy.

The architecture in Nepal is unbelievable and is comprised of seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites alone in the Kathmandu area! The list is endless with decorated streets, sacred temples, pagodas, palaces, monasteries, mosques, medieval towns and complexes. 

The city and valley are the most spectacular sites. You will find that Kathmandu offers many places to visit. You would not want to miss Durbar Square, Bhaktapur, and Patan to admire the finest Newari architecture. 

Durbar Square was built as part of a complex of royal ceremonies, while Bhaktapur and Patan were some of the greatest cities in the Newar Kingdom. These places have a very interesting history and it would be a good idea to learn about them. 

Other spectacular structures are the Boudhantah Stupa and the Monkey Temple. These sacred temples are visited daily by hundreds of Buddhists (including the large Tibetan community), making them perfect places to watch Buddhist ceremonies. 

Although Nepal is a small country in terms of area, the diverse nature and rich history makes it a cultural hub. Those who love to have some cultural tours would find themselves in the cultural heaven while they are in Nepal. 

Hinduism is the most practiced religion in Nepal; the place is however under the strong influence of Buddhism due to many stupas around. Islam and Christianity are also practiced by some people and in this way, there is a great religious diversity in Nepal. 

Since there are people from several ethnicities in Nepal, all coming from different areas, beliefs and languages, the combined effect makes a beautiful blend, something you would love to indulge yourself.

If you have a thing for wildlife, then Nepal certainly will prove to be the best place to savor your love for animals, as there are so many national wildlife parks across the country that you can enjoy seeing all the animals closely easily. 

The Chitwan National Park and Bardia National Park are the largest and the most famous ones. There is a big variety of animals found in Nepal and the wildlife parks are the best way to enjoy seeing these animals living in their natural habitat while they are really close to the humans as well.

You can take Safari to the National Park where you will see plenty of local fauna including crocodiles, rhinos, deer, tigers, leopards etc. Most of these animals live in high mountains. 

Among birds, you will find some unique species of black kite, booted eagle, Golden eagle, common Pochard etc. If you are interested in wildlife, Nepal is no doubt an ideal place for you. 

So, are you inspired to go to Nepal yet?

Whenever you are in Nepal, make sure you have added all these things to your list so that nothing misses up and you get a chance to enjoy the charismatic effect of Nepal and all that it has to offer.