I’ve never really cared about what console I purchased. I’ve had the original Xbox, PS2, Gameboy, Wii, DS, Xbox 360, 3DS, and most recently, the Xbox One. I only stayed with Xbox because that’s what my friends were playing on, and what I had the most time put into.

I’ve tried the PS3 and PS4, but never got them because my friends were on Xbox. However, the next generation of consoles is coming out, and I’m most likely going to stick with an Xbox mostly because of the insane price.

I was really impressed by the games of the PS5, especially being a big fan or Ratchet and Clank, but I play on consoles because that’s what I have always done.

PC is very appealing, but it’ll cost a lot. I would have to make an entirely new library of games, and it doesn’t seem as convenient as consoles.

I have a big problem with the Xbox Series S: the storage is way too small.

My current Xbox One is a second generation, not an S or an X, but a second generation one that came with the 3.5 mm. jack in the new controllers. I’ve had it for years and it’s worked pretty well.

As time goes on and new games are made, I’m realizing that 1TB (terabyte) of storage is not nearly enough storage. The Xbox Series S only has 512 GB (gigabytes) of storage off the bat.

The 12 GB is to counteract Xbox updates, or something like that, and 500 GB would allow maybe 15-17 games, depending on what kind of game you buy. 

That is also if games stay about the same size as they are now. Which will not happen.

Games are constantly evolving and needing more storage to accommodate these changes. Games are creating fresh graphics, more content, bigger sets, and are just overall better.

But there are many instances that don’t make sense to me. Take “Call of Duty: ‘Modern Warfare’” for example.

Why does a new update that changes a couple of stats, adds one maybe two maps, a fair few cosmetics (I’ll give them that one, there are usually quite a few new cosmetics), and maybe one gun take 40 GB to 50 GB of storage?

It’s not adding a new campaign, it’s not as much as previous DLCs (downloadable content), and it’s the size of almost all the other games I have. It’s absolutely insane how little is added and how huge the files are.

While you take something like Borderlands 3, which is less than half the size of “Modern Warfare.” Yes, it’s not as graphically realistic as “Modern Warfare,” but it has as much depth graphically and way more particles than “Modern Warfare” while being half the size.

Again, the main problem isn’t so much that the games are too big, it’s that the console doesn’t have enough storage.

At home, I don’t have that fast of an Internet connection. I can maybe 10Mb/s (megabits, and yes, it’s different from megabytes. I don’t know how much, so don’t ask me), which isn’t fast for the size of the games.

At ISU, even with everyone being online most of the time, I get download speeds of 25Mb/s and 40 and up on a good day.

I already have to pick and choose which games to uninstall to make room for a new game. It’s usually two or three games for a single new one, or a substantial update to a preexisting game.

Like most people, I don’t want to uninstall a game to install another, wait a day for it to finish, then want to play a game that was uninstalled, and continue this cycle of waiting forever and a day.

Although, there is a solution to this issue. Microsoft has made custom storage expansions for the Series S and X. Only thing is that they cost about $120.

At that point I might as well get the Series X, but then the games are going to be bigger because the graphics are better. It’s really a vicious cycle of “how should they take my money now?”