It is said and believed that laughter is the best medicine. When someone is happy, they are more likely to feel healthier than when they are depressed or feeling low.

Many people have the gift to entertain folks around them. Some do it to see others smile and laugh, and others make it their profession such as stand-up comedians.

Stand-up comedians are the best at comedy, because they know what will resonate with their audience or they know what the audience will relate to and laugh about.

I believe that when a comedian makes a joke about serious content, those who can connect will laugh and reformulate that situation into a funny memory rather than a tragedy.

For example, your car breaks down and you had to pay a huge amount of money. It isn’t funny, because you are now in a financial crunch. However, now you are at a comedy show and a comedian is telling an anecdote about a person’s car breaking down in the middle of nowhere and makes a nice joke out of it.

Now the same individual, who is in the audience is telling his friend, that something similar happened to him and now he finds it funny.

Laughter and having the opportunities to laugh is a true blessing.

Anthoney McCarten in his TED talk says, “if you lose the power to laugh, you lose the power to think.”

I strongly agree with him, because if you are unable to laugh, then you absolutely are unable to comprehend the situation as it is supposed to be. I am not suggesting that you must laugh at every joke or pun, but you need to see humor here and there throughout life.

The comedian continues by mentioning that it is clearly absurd to approach bizarreness of life in a serious way. Even a great philosopher has emphasized the importance of perceiving life in a more lighthearted way.

Since life is unpredictable, you might as well have some fun during your journey.

Now, let’s talk about how stand-up comedians come up with their script to ensure that their audience leave with a big grin, or better, laughing uncontrollably.

It is not an easy job to make jokes. They must be unique and original so that you can deliver them how you intend rather than what others might anticipate.

Comedians have to create plots or gather incidents they have experienced. Then they have to twist it into something funny. They must design it appropriately to fit the right audience and would be easily relatable.

For example, you cannot deliver a joke about Indians to bunch of people who are completely unaware of the existence of Indians. However, you can do it by walking them through a background and then poking fun.

It is not easy to go on stage, grab a microphone and start cracking jokes. There is a lot of work behind the curtain that enables comedians to deliver an amazing show.

Stand-up comedians don’t get into this career because they assume that they will make a ton of money, because that’s not always the case. They choose this job because they are passionate about it and they genuinely enjoy making people laugh and spreading happiness.

This profession is one of the most divine jobs. I respect all comedians out there and thank you for working so hard to make us happy.